Our Promise

Ascent Coatings offers much more than most paint manufactures. Our specialty is providing consult based services to help our customers achieve the absolute finest coating application process available. The Ascent Coatings professionals will conduct thorough surveys in areas of surface preparation, application equipment, product application, cost analysis and product performance to allow us to present the coatings solutions that will increase production, improve performance and lower operating costs permanently. 

 Who is Ascent Coatings

Ascent Coatings is a company that has been formed through a joint venture between two ascending diverse paint companies. This cooperation merges the resources and the unique, patented, state of the art paint coatings technology of the two companies into one. This global strength now allows Ascent Coatings to provide our customers products and service above that of any other paint company in the market. A truly solutions based process.

 Focus Market Groups

  • OEM - Industrial / Fleet / Marine
  • REFINISH - Industrial / Fleet / Marine

Solutions Based Process

  • Survey current operation to discover areas needing improvement and determine proper product requirements.
  • Deliver presentation to explain cost savings benefits.
  • Examine and explain production increase impacts due to coverage advantages, dry and cure time reductions.
  • Evaluate the reduction in energy savings due to elimination of curing ovens or drying rooms.
  • Discuss the labor cost reductions in the elimination of material handling time and the speed in which assembly or shipping can occur.
  • Present the quality advantages that will be implemented with better corrosion protection, improved impact resistance and superior UV protection.
  • Demonstrate the products and equipment to prove the savings, production and quality improvements of the Ascent product systems.
  • Provide the ultimate level of team service available in the industry.